Holebrook Originals are there to let you open your mind to the re-energizing effects that nature offers, no matter the weather. In the mist, your thoughts can become clear as day. When skies grow dark, you might find a new light to guide you. And suddenly you may feel an unexpected presence — your own.

Holebrook Originals remain true to the concept born on the Swedish west coast more than two decades ago. The carefully crafted garments of wool and cotton, supported by our unique windproof lining, are all made for a life outdoors - and outside of fast fashion.

This year’s collection includes several news that will match the weather report in more ways than ever. You can now feel comfortable during those warm summer evenings in a cozy, unlined sweater, or keep the duggregn* out in a wool jacket with water-repellent details.
* traditional Swedish light rain