Kvinna och man går längst med strandkanten och bär linneplagg


Taking care of your woolen knitted garments in the right way can extend the lifespan by several years and also reduce its impact on the environment. We really like that. Follow our advice on how to care for and wash your knitted woolen clothes and you will enjoy them for a long time.


Wool is a self-cleaning fibre. It has natural antibacterial and odour-resisting properties, which means that wool garments stay fresh for much longer than cotton and synthetic garments without the need for washing. This means fewer washes over the life of the garment and less impact on the environment. The best way to ventilate your wool garments is to air dry them. Hang your wool garment out overnight, preferably in damp weather. If you get a stain, try to remove it as quickly as possible to avoid washing. Use a mild detergent. If a musty smell persists, it may be time to wash.


If your woollen garment is not fresh after airing or is stained, it may be time to wash it. Always check the washing instructions on the garment first. It is important to wash wool in cold water, no hotter than 30 degrees. You can machine wash our wool garments on a wool cycle or hand wash cycle. However, it is important to use a detergent designed for wool or a mild detergent with a PH of 6-8. Conventional detergents contain enzymes that break down the wool fibre directly. Use a washing bag to protect the garment. Never use bleach or fabric softener as this can damage the wool fibres and cause the garment to lose its shape.

Kvinna ligger i gräset med linneplagg


Never wring or squeeze the water out of your woollen garment. Instead, place it on a dry towel and roll it up to remove excess water. Then lay it flat on a clean surface at room temperature to dry. Avoid direct sunlight.


If your woollen garment needs ironing, use a steam iron on a low heat. Place a towel between the iron and the garment to avoid burning or damaging the wool fibres. It is also possible to steam your garment.

Kvinna ligger i gräset med linneplagg


Pilling is both common and natural in woollen garments. It occurs when the shortest fibre of the yarn reaches the surface of the garment. Pilling is easily removed with a wool comb.

Kvinna ligger i gräset med linneplagg


Wool knitwear should be folded, not hung. Also make sure the environment is dry and well ventilated. If you need to store your woollen garment for a long period of time, consider the following: Store your woollen garment in a dry place, never in a plastic bag or in direct sunlight. A woollen garment is very susceptible to moths. Make sure the garment is clean and dry before putting it away. Invest in cedar mothballs and keep them with your woollen knitwear.


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Holebrook is a Swedish brand with a focus on knitted clothing. We were born on the Swedish west coast and our first collection was knitted sweaters with a windproof elastic lining. Today, more than twenty years later, they are still part of our collection. Sustainability is part of our DNA, it’s reflected in our business model and in our brand strategy. Our down-to-earth approach to sustainability is based on wool, cotton, mohair and alpaca. Natural materials that do not need to be washed as often, which prolongs the life of the garments and reduces their impact on the environment. Our clothes are timeless and made for the seasons, not the trends. All our clothes are made in Europe by suppliers who share our strive and commitment to quality and sustainability.