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Like many Swedish clothing companies, Holebrook’s beginnings were small-scale and humble. What’s notable, however, is the absence of any trial and error period in the brand’s earliest stages. Right from the start, Holebrook seemed to find its position on the market and the clothes were immediately taken to heart by their users. Carefully knitted sweaters with windproof lining turned out to be a very welcome innovation for anyone who regularly experienced the North Sea on a sailing boat or went hiking along the Bohuslän coast. This perfect match was gratifying, of course, but at the same time counted on. The simple reason was that the idea itself had been born right there.


Let’s follow the trail, up the west coast and onto the granite rocks that define the Bohuslän landscape. On a clear and calm day, their smooth grandeur can almost make you believe that the sea has only the 
gentlest of intentions. Such illusions are easily dismissed by the locals, of course, or by anyone who’s stayed here long enough to experience the Swedish coastal weather at its’ full force. The winds, the rain and the sun, the seasons and their changes. To us they respresent freedom, love and respect. For more than twenty years, they have remained our sources of inspiration — all the way through our brand‘s natural evolution from sea to land. They are there with us when we knit for warmth and comfort, when we sew for a perfect fit and unhindered movement. They are there because they shape the very nature of our brand.


In recent years, the term Slow Fashion has gained a strong foothold among many consumers. At its core it’s a welcome and sensible attitude towards the consumption of clothes, as part of a more ethical and sustainable way of living. We feel a deep connection to those thoughts, as we have shared them from the very beginning. Our clothes are made to last, through their manufacturing, their quality and their design. And we are proud to see how our efforts have worked out so far. Browse through a few past Holebrook catalogues, and you’ll notice how many mainstays there are in our collections. The wind, the mist, the rain, the dawns and the sunsets will not go out style. Instead they move in circles, converge in eternal cycles. We create our clothes to go along with that. To let you follow your intuition in any weather and find the beauty in every season.

For over  years ago, Tina Karstorp had an idea. Actually, it blew her away, and it seemed impossible not to go ahead with it. Every year, summer or fall, it's the same story. Wind in the sails and sun at your back. But anyone who has ever been at sea knows that regardless of how warm the weather is, you always need an extra sweater. One more layer, a little more warmth. But the fabric's thickness isn't always the crucial part. The wind at sea is just as welcome as it is unpredictable. It will push the boat forward or cool the people on board down. And this is where it all started. Tina and Peter Karstorp founded Holebrook Sweden in 1999.

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About Holebrook Sweden

Holebrook is a Swedish brand with a focus on knitted clothing. We were born on the Swedish west coast and our first collection was knitted sweaters with a windproof elastic lining. Today, more than twenty years later, they are still part of our collection. Sustainability is part of our DNA, it’s reflected in our business model and in our brand strategy. Our down-to-earth approach to sustainability is based on wool, cotton, mohair and alpaca. Natural materials that do not need to be washed as often, which prolongs the life of the garments and reduces their impact on the environment. Our clothes are timeless and made for the seasons, not the trends. All our clothes are made in Europe by suppliers who share our strive and commitment to quality and sustainability.