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We always adapt our production to match our sales to avoid overproduction. For example, we produce small volumes in season if demand for certain styles increases. Despite that, we still have too much stock. We want all our garments to be used and loved. Therefore, there is now the opportunity to invest in a garment from Holebrook at a better price. We have a strong focus on sustainability and encourage you to buy what you really need and use.


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About Holebrook Sweden

Holebrook is a Swedish brand with a focus on knitted clothing. We were born on the Swedish west coast and our first collection was knitted sweaters with a windproof elastic lining. Today, more than twenty years later, they are still part of our collection. Sustainability is part of our DNA, it’s reflected in our business model and in our brand strategy. Our down-to-earth approach to sustainability is based on wool, cotton, mohair and alpaca. Natural materials that do not need to be washed as often, which prolongs the life of the garments and reduces their impact on the environment. Our clothes are timeless and made for the seasons, not the trends. All our clothes are made in Europe by suppliers who share our strive and commitment to quality and sustainability.