“We are a very ordinary family, but we’ve made an active choice: Any free time we have together is spent outdoors. As a parent, you become more present and engage in your children, while you yourself gain new energy and clear your mind.” 

“As adults we often have a goal when we are outdoors. We want to see a beautiful view, a calm and shiny sea, or a sunset in the archipelago. But for children, such things don’t matter much. From whatever is on hand, they will invent new games and activities. Maybe we would all feel better if we were able to think like that more often.

When we are all free for a longer period, we embark on adventures such as camping, hiking, canoeing or SUP. But in everyday life, it’s simply about being outside together, immediately after school or work. It’s not that hard, and you don’t need a lot of equipment. My advice is to not overthink it – just get out.” 



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