“Snowmobile excursions and having dinner in a snow pit were a natural part of my upbringing in Västerbotten. My interest in the outdoors waned during my teenage years, but it was rekindled when I did my military education. The survival test where I was alone in the woods for 48 hours is the toughest thing I have ever done. But I also experienced a new kind of calm – one that has accompanied me on my adventures ever since.”

“Many of my adventures are about leaving the comfort zone. My next goal is to learn more about summit hikes in winter conditions, such as how to safely cross glaciers and avalanche areas. But in my everyday life, it’s the exact opposite. Then I just want it to be easy and fun to be outdoors, like cooking dinner over an open fire or finding new mushroom spots with a friend.On social media, you often get the feeling that outdoor life needs to be epic and perfect. But I would like to highlight the simple, like making coffee over a campfire and listening to the sounds of the forest.”



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